Exciting Merger Offers Circa Consulting Clients a Competitive Edge!

September 15th, 2015

After eight years, I’m thrilled to announce Circa Consulting will be merging with River Dog Marketing.

And it’s all for you. You see, it started over coffee almost a year ago.

I have worked with Jeanie Walker of River Dog Marketing for years, and we brainstorm every week, talking about how to improve what we offer you, our clients. Were your ears burning? We hope so.

We care deeply about every single client. You all have unique situations and offerings. We talked about how to help grow your business. What would give you an advantage? We compiled lists and ideas engineered to answer two questions “how can we support our customers better?” and “Does this idea help them meet their goals?”

Cue the thunderbolt.

We looked at each other, excited little grins spreading across our faces, our eyebrows raised. The coffee cups clinked and we thought, well, of course.

We’ve spent months meeting, planning and getting our ducks in a row.

And now, after nearly a year of planning, here it is: River Dog Marketing and Circa Consulting have joined forces. I am now co-owner of River Dog Marketing, along with my business partner, Jeanie Walker. This merger is all because of you. This is just how much we care as your virtual partners.

Jeanie has a natural gift for zeroing in on business goals, and translating them into tangible marketing and content plans. Together with my web development expertise, you’re in great hands — and you’re getting a serious bang for your buck. We’ve got new services that help give you the complete web and marketing services so many of you have asked of us.

In a very direct way, you were our inspiration.

You see, this is all about you.

Your company

Your vision

Your growth

Your needs

So What Happens Now?

We’ve got nifty tricks up our collective sleeves, we can hardly wait. But wait we will, and for good reason. We’re relentlessly testing. Triple-checking our launch plans.

So there it is. We’ve merged. Technically, River Dog Marketing LLC is the surviving entity as a result of this merger, and the Circa Consulting brand and assets have been acquired.

All Good Things!

You’ll get the same great service you enjoy now, but now your choices have radically expanded. Plus, we’ve got some slick new automations in the works we believe will be dynamite assets for you. We can hardly keep it under wraps, but we need to sit on them a bit longer until they’re ready to hatch.

Why We Did It

Honestly, it just makes sense. We’ve worked together for years, and trust the quality and results from each other’s work. It’s likely we’ve co-produced projects for you, so you’ve already had a taste of what’s to come.

Enough About Us. What About You?

If you have on-going services or are in mid-project with us, we’ll send an email in the next week or so requesting your signature, which means you’ll be getting the same services and pricing that you’ve been receiving.

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to discuss? Let us know by email or if you’d like to fill in the details, you can do that in our new project worksheet.

OUR CONTINUED THANKS for being such a great part of our lives. Stay tuned, we’re just getting started. We look forward to continue serving you!

Teri & Jeanie

River Dog Marketing