A Great Deal on Stuff You Probably Need, Want, or Use

Who doesn’t love a great deal? I know I do and I jumped on this one. If you invoice clients or need to keep track of them in any way or send a newsletter out, this deal should be of interest to you.

AppSumo is running a deal right now where you can get the following for $55 AND half of every sale is going to the National Wildlife Federation to help clean up the Gulf oil spill:

  • 6 months of service from social CRM BatchBook ($90)
  • 6 months of email marketing service MailChimp ($140)
  • Survey and form tool Formstack ($84)
  • 100 MOO mini business cards with free shipping ($25.49)
  • $120 coupon for FreshBooks (worth 6 months of their Solo plan)

That’s $55 for all of that – and only one of them by itself costs less than $55!

When I signed up for Formstack I realized the $84 value is actually a full year of service. Additionally, if you sign up for the full year of FreshBooks, you also get a 10% discount off that so it’s less than $100 for a full year! You can even take advantage of this deal if you already use their services with a free account.

Please forgive my excitement. I like office apps and tools almost as much as I like office supplies. And this is just too good (but not too good to be true).

You can read more about this from FreshBooks and Lifehacker.

The deal runs through Monday, August 2, so you have some time and it’s for a good cause!

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