Weekly Tech Roundup – July 8, 2011

Weekly Tech Roundup

I read a lot of blogs. I subscribe to a lot more blogs than I have time to read. Sound familiar? If you're like me, you don't have time to read everything you want (if you do, please tell me your secret). In an effort to reduce the chaos of life, I do two weekly article roundups: one for technical things and one for small business things.

Here's a roundup of the most interesting tech articles I found this week. Enjoy!

WordPress 3.2 – The newest WordPress release drops support for IE6, includes some big changes to the wp-admin style, and gets a little more secure by requiring newer versions of PHP and MySQL. I’m very much enjoying the new admin, including the full screen editor option. Here’s an article on the release from .net. And, a quick article on why you really need to upgrade if you haven’t already: Unpatched WordPress installations rife with malware. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your WordPress install.

CHART OF THE DAY: Android Is Blowing Everyone Away – Those commercials keep telling us if we don’t have an iPhone we don’t have an iPhone. Well, apparently a lot of us don’t have iPhones. Android’s growth has been exponential over the past year and currently Apple is a distant second. I feel kinda bad for RIM’s Blackberry. It seems everyone is jumping off their bandwagon onto Google’s. I know I was one of them and haven’t looked back.

How to Get Started With Google+, Your Complete Guide – Great article if you were lucky enough to get an invite and signed up before Google+ “exceeded capacity,” or if you want to take a sneak peek and see if it’s worth all the hype.

One Page Apps I Actually Use – When I first read this article, I immediately added a few of these to my business wiki. They will come in very handy. What one page apps can you add to the list?

My Favorite Programming Mistakes – If you’re a programmer, coder, developer, or just know a few things about code, you’ll get a kick out of this article and probably learn something. Each mistake comes complete with a story and lessons learned. A long, but easy read.

Google Web Fonts v2 Released – I’m super excited for this release. It addresses all of my frustrations with the original website and they’ve added even more fonts. The best part is the ability to preview multiple fonts with your text all on the same page; either as a word, a sentence, or a paragraph. Check it out for yourself: Google Web Fonts v2. If you are a font geek like me or you just want to learn more, check out this presentation from Google:

From the above presentation, TypeDNA is an add-on for Adobe Creative Suite you can use to find similar fonts and fonts that are in harmony (close match, contrasting, etc.) with others. If you have a font on your computer that is not a web font, you can use this tool to search web foundries (like Google Web Fonts) for a close match. It looks pretty cool and for $49 it might be worth checking it out. Works on PC and Mac. Look for the demo version on their website (just beware it’s not fully functional).

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