Weekly Small Business Roundup for December 9, 2011

Weekly Small Business Roundup

This week’s Small Business Roundup includes budgeting and taxes, productivity, simplicity, and a free Q&A call.

Building Your 2012 Budget in 5 Fast Steps – Have you started on your budget for 2012? I know I haven’t! And I’ve blogged about it for a few weeks now… I’m going to use this article to help me get going. This process is especially good if financials make you want to crawl back into bed or you’re just flying by the seat of your pants.

4 Ways to Stay Productive When You Answer to Yourself – You know I love productivity tips! It’s been a while so it was good to find this article this week. I think the Know/Don’t Know list is a really interesting idea.

200 Words That’ll Land Your Email in the Spam Folder – I know I’m guilty of using the exclamation mark (!). I do tone it down but I’m not going to squash that part of my personality. If you click through the article to the list, you’ll see it’s very useful. Remember this the next time you write up a newsletter or marketing email and compare the list to your copy. Also, if you use a service like MailChimp, they have spam filter testing you can run against your email.

Top 10 Small Business Tax Trends for 2012 – Check this out for what to expect in 2012. What’s new, what’s going away, and what’s extended. Tax surprises aren’t always fun so it’s best to be in the know. And find a tax professional you enjoy working with and trust. As #10 states, it’s just going to get more complex.

How You Can Simplify Your Freelancing Business – Simplicity. Isn’t that what we all want? And it can be so hard to achieve. Take a look at these 6 different areas where you can simplify your business. I really enjoyed the “How To Simplify” section because it doesn’t really tell you how (normally I hate that). I love this: “That said, the act of striving for greater simplicity, I’ve found, is often enough to begin enjoying some of its benefits. There’s less grasping for and more receiving, less chaos and more peace, less wanting and more enjoying.”

Last, but certainly not least, Amy and I are doing a free Marketing Preschool Q&A call next Thursday. Here is the call info:

Thursday 12/15/2011 11:00 AM PST
Conference Access Number: 1-218-936-4977
Conference Passcode: 397389#

Join us with your marketing and technical questions and we’ll do our best to answer. Did I mention it’s free?

Tech news is up next. Have a great weekend!

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