Weekly Small Business Roundup for December 30, 2011

Weekly Small Business Roundup

This week’s Small Business Roundup is all about the year-end and the new year.

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012 – These are really excellent. Everyone should read this and take it in.

What to Do About All that Stuff – I admit that I’m a saver. And not in the money way, but in the save stuff way. I’m getting better, though. If you are like me and need some help de-cluttering, take a look at this article.

8 Metrics Every Freelancer Should Measure at the End of the Year – Another good one from Freelance Folder. Just in case you don’t already have a shiny spreadsheet to do all of these calculations for you (they exist!), the article details how to figure each out.

Lifehack has a series of New Tools for the New Year this week:





Tech news is up next. Have a great weekend! Happy New Year!

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