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Weekly Tech Roundup for January 6, 2012

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Weekly Tech Roundup

This week’s Tech Roundup includes Google getting into trouble with Google, New Year’s resolutions for designers, and HTML5 and CSS3 cheat sheets.

Google’s Jaw-Dropping Sponsored Post Campaign For Chrome – I don’t know that it’s “jaw-dropping”… maybe “eyebrow-raising”; certainly interesting. If you know anything about how Google search operates, paid links are a big, bad no-no. And now they have their own sponsored links. It’s not okay unless they do it? There are two follow-up articles at the end that continue the story.

Google+ Is Going To Mess Up The Internet – I think this is somewhat related to the previous post. Apparently Google is ranking shared links on Google+ higher in search results than the original article. This is obviously a rant but it’s still an interesting read because even though the author is noticeably angry, he has a very good point.

10 New Year’s resolutions for designers – I love this article! And not just because of these two: “stop stealing crap” and “learn to write,” but also “Stop being your own obstacle,” which is one of my all-time favorites, and “Stop Using Your Mom as an Example of a Stupid Person.” There’s a lot of good advice here and I hope people read it and embrace it. Oh, and these aren’t just for designers…

Test on Real Mobile Devices without Breaking the Bank – Interesting article and a good resource if you’re looking to expand your mobile testbed on the cheap. I don’t know that you really need to own all of these devices. There are enough emulators (yes, I know they don’t do everything – I ran into an excellent example of that this week) out there to get by on and I’m sure you have friends you can hit up to check things out for you occasionally.

Seven things still missing from CSS – The author of this article named some of my favorite pet peeves about CSS. Great stuff!

The Best HTML5 and CSS3 Cheat Sheets of 2011 – Quite a few cheat sheets here. Great if you are still learning HTML5 or CSS3 or to use for quick reference when you’re working on a project.

Have a great weekend!