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Weekly Small Business Roundup for January 6, 2012

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Weekly Small Business Roundup

This week’s Small Business Roundup includes cleaning up after a hack, rate increases, SOPA, and the power of failing.

Finding the Cleanup Crew After a Messy Hack Attack – This article provides a real-world example of a small business responding to being hacked. It gives you some good tips on what to do and how to respond, namely: act quickly, secure your entire network, and inform affected users. These are all extremely important and, of course, how you tell your users is also vital. Something to keep in the “just in case” file in the back of your mind.

More Small Businesses Plan to Push Up Prices in 2012 – With 35% of small businesses increasing their prices in 2012, what are your rate plans? A lot of folks have trouble raising their rates for various reasons and I will say it can be difficult. But if you make it a regular part of doing business it takes some of the pressure off. Also, as suggested in the article, you can try increasing rates for new customers only and grandfathering in your current clients. That’s something I’ve done and had success with. And, it makes it less scary!

Rethink your professional profile photos – Some good tips here. It boils down to: don’t misrepresent yourself or your company. One thing I’ve noticed people have trouble with is professionalism. Because professionalism varies by industry, a good rule of thumb is to be professional for your profession.

Will Google, Facebook, others ‘nuke’ Internet over SOPA? – Several weeks ago I was going to do a whole series on SOPA but I wasn’t sure the level of interest and I got caught up in other things. Now that I’ve come across this, I think it’s time to give it a mention. There’s a lot of information out there on SOPA and the controversy, but this is a good start: Setting the Record Straight on SOPA: Some Evidence-Based Analysis. If you’d like more, post a comment below or contact me and I’ll send you more info.

The power of failing – This is a really great article on the positives of failing. If you don’t fail at something, it’s probably holding you back. A must read.

Tech news is up next. Have a great weekend!